The Weaning Adventures – Starting Out

The Weaning Adventures – Starting Out

We have been weaning the twins for about 3 weeks now and to be honest, it’s not going great.

We started weaning both the boys before 6 months (naughty Mummy!) and they demolished their meals almost from day 1. I’m sure they would have licked the bowls clean given half a chance! But the girls just don’t seem interested. They’ve never really been hungry babies. If they took 4 x 8oz bottles a day we were lucky.


I’ve tried weaning them the same way I did the boys, starting off with vegetable purees but they pull faces like I’m trying to poison them and shower me with the offending food! Neither of which is a cool look!

So, I have done what I always said I would never do and moved to the sweeter purees and banana porridge. I’m not sure if it’s a myth to make you feel like a terrible parent but, I was always told not to start weaning on fruits as you give baby a sweet tooth.

They are starting to eat some fruity puree but they never really eat a lot and most of it ends up dribbled down their faces. They just don’t seem overly bothered by food yet.

I have considered if I should go down the baby led weaning (BLW) route. They would then be able to decide what they eat and how much but I think not knowing how much they have eaten would stress me out. Plus, I’m not sure I could deal with the mess. B and O make enough mess on their own without adding in 2 babies hurling food everywhere! I already feel like I’m forever sweeping up food debris.

For now we will persevere with the purees and see how it goes. They are still really young and quite small so I think it’s just taking them a bit longer than most. We have their new high chairs coming next week so maybe that will improve the feeding. I’m sure they won’t want to drink just milk for the rest of their lives!

You would never believe I’ve done this twice before!

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