Term Time Holidays

Term Time Holidays

I’ve never really had an opinion on the ‘holiday in term time’ debate as I’ve never had children of school age before but, in the last few months, this has become a hot topic in our household. The reason being, we are off to Mexico in May for my brother-in-laws wedding and the biggest boy will end up missing 2 weeks of school.


The holiday has been subject to much debate as it’s costing a small fortune and it’s money I had earmarked for our first Disney holiday. Although it’s not Florida, I love the idea of us having a family holiday with lots of extra pairs of helping hands nearby as attempting to fly with 4 small children fills me with dread. But,I hate the fact that B will miss 2 weeks worth of school.

We had no choice over the dates of this holiday as, due to the grooms job, he has to take his holiday at certain times of the year. I tried telling hubby that we shouldn’t really go as it’s not fair to take B out of school but that meant asking him to miss his brothers wedding which didn’t go down very well.

We’ve had people say that it doesn’t matter as it’s just his first year at school and he’s not going to miss anything important but, I disagree. All education is important. His first year at school is one of the most important as he is getting used to being in an educational setting while learning the very basics which he’ll need to build on over the years.

I know teachers hate it (my friends have told me as much) but I will be asking his teacher if there is anything we can do while we’re away so he doesn’t slip behind. I also fully intend to have B working while we’re away on holiday. I am on the lookout for a camera for him so he can take pictures and make a holiday diary that he can show to his friends when he gets home.

During a visit to the primary school before we made our choice, we discussed term time holidays with the headteacher. He wasn’t overly concerned about it and said as it was an exceptional circumstance he would authorise the absence for us. Unfortunately, since that meeting, the headteacher has changed! I now have to go and make an appointment with the new headteacher and hope she’ll authorise the holiday. I’m going to feel like such a naughty girl sitting outside her office before the meeting!

This will probably be our one and only chance to go on a Caribbean holiday with the children as the cost during the school holidays is ridiculous and flying on our own with 4 children is just stupidity! I know we’ll most likely have a great time but, I can’t get excited as I know B shouldn’t be out of school.

How do you feel about taking children out of school for holidays? Do you worry about the effect on their education or do you think that children are still learning while they’re away?

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6 thoughts on “Term Time Holidays

  1. It’s a really difficult one isn’t it. I don’t like taking my eldest out of school. Although my eldest has just started year 1 and I think he would have been ok taking 2 weeks out of reception year. You might feel better about it all once your little one is settled in school and you can see how things are going. #twinklytuesday
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    1. I think it’s the not knowing what school will be like for him that worries me. If he’s really going to struggle, I’ll feel terrible for making him miss 2 weeks of such important school. X

  2. I’ve been having this same conversation this week with some mummy friends, my boys are 6 & 8 and yes I’ve taken them out of school for family holidays. The boys work so hard at school and have tons of homework every night that they have to do. I believe that education is really important but so is spending time as a family. We’ve taken the boys away and they’ve seen a rocket launch at cape canaveral, snorkelled in the ocean, seen famous land marks, this is just as important as schooling. Holidays in the summer are so expensive we just couldn’t afford to go then.
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  3. I’m in 2 minds as well. My daughter has an August birthday so will be 4 all year for reception and therefore legally doesn’t need to be at school so we cant be denied permission. My husband really wants to take our last opportunity to have a cheap holiday and take her out of school, but I am worried that she will miss so much (socially as well as academically). I can’t decide! Part of me knows that the amazing memories from a holiday are probably more life changing than we realise, and that missing a few phonics sessions really aren’t going to make her a dunce. The other part of me just cant really grapple with feeling like a bad mum for even contemplating it! #twinklytuesday
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    1. Unfortunately my son is the eldest in the class and turned 5 today! He legally has to be in school now but, I know he’ll learn and see things on holiday that he wouldn’t do in the classroom. I know that’s no match for schooling but it’s a very different experience.
      I really do feel a terrible parent for taking him out of school x

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