Final Firsts

Final Firsts

I love babies. If we were rich and didn’t keep doubling everytime I fall pregnant, I would keep having babies. The twins are most definitely my last babies though. They are already an added addition to my “last baby” that I had nearly 3 years ago so, definitely no more.

The realisation that there are to be no more squishy newborns in our house also brings with it the sad realisation that we are seeing our final firsts.

The twins are 10 months now and in the last week, the baby of the house has sprouted her first tooth. With the celebration of the fact she wasn’t going to be gummy forever also came the crushing sadness of never making this discovery again. All my children have teeth now and this is another milestone we won’t be seeing again.


It’s for this very reason, selfish as it may seem,that I am in no hurry for my babies to grow up. When B was born, we couldn’t wait for him to sit up, crawl and learn to walk but this time we are so happy to wait.

How can I feel so sad when I know we are going to have so many more exciting things to look forward to as the children grow up? I’m looking forward to first days at school, first school plays and our first family holiday. But, my children are growing out of the phase where they do something new and amazing every day. The fast learning of a baby is disappearing and they get more independent and need me less.


I am definitely going to be one of these Mums that gets ’empty nest’ syndrome. With all my children so close in age this could happen all of a sudden!

Why can’t these little people stay small forever? The twins are at such a lovely age at the moment. They smile for everybody, entertain themselves but are still happy to play with you and, the biggest one, they don’t answer me back!

In the meantime I shall have to hope I get some nieces and nephews in the near future so I can still have those lovely cuddles and remind myself how lovely my kids used to be!

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When 2 Became 3 – My First Birth Story

When 2 Became 3 – My First Birth Story

September 2010

My due date with B was 31st August and right from the start everyone had been telling me to hang on to him as long as possible so he made it in to the new school year as the eldest. My due date came and went and so did the disappointment that came with it.

I saw my midwife the day after my due date and all was well. I’d had a complete problem free pregnancy and she was happy to let me carry on as I was but booked me in for a sweep at 41+1.

We tried all the old wives tales to try bring on labour and nothing worked. At 41 weeks we sat down on the sofa in the evening to catch up on our TV viewing from the week. We’d put on some silly American comedy and all of a sudden, mid belly laugh, my waters broke. I leapt off the sofa as quickly as a heavily pregnant woman can and headed for the safety of the downstairs loo while G went for clean clothes! I think panic set it as I knew this was the start of my labour and I didn’t really know what to expect.

We rang delivery suite and told them what was going on. They sent me straight to bed and told me to ring back when I started having regular contractions. We headed off to bed after checking my bags had everything we needed, but I couldn’t sleep. I was nervous about what was going to happen yet excited at the same time. G however, was snoring away!!

I must have just drifted off when I started to get some tightenings. It was about 3am so I just lay in bed quietly timing them so I didn’t wake G. I knew we could be in for a long day so I wanted him to get as much rest as possible.

At 4am the pain started to ramp up a bit so I went and ran a bath. This disturbed G so he came and sat on the toilet seat (as you do) timing my contractions while I was in the bath. I remember I was starving hungry so I sent him to get me cheese and onion rolls from the fridge which I proceeded to eat in the bath. Every time a contraction started coming he would remove said cheese roll from my grip so it didn’t get a dunk in the bath.

At around 5.30 I was getting the magic 3 contractions in 10 minutes so we called the hospital. They told us they thought it was too early to come in as “first babies take forever”. We pointed out that we didn’t want to be trying to get to the hospital in rush hour as it’s a nightmare so we were coming now.

The drive to the hospital was excruciating! I had to lay the seat almost flat to get comfortable and everytime I had a contraction I’m sure I nearly ripped the door handle off! Of course G managed to find every bump in the road as well. The drive only too about 20 minutes but it was definitely the longest 20 minutes of my life! I couldn’t wait to get out the car.

All throughout my pregnancy I had been desperate for a water birth on the midwife led unit. I already knew a water birth was out the question as my friend had given birth a few days before and been informed the pool was out of action for the foreseeable future.

We arrived at the hospital and headed for delivery suite. As it was the small hours, the only entrance open was A&E so I had to walk through the reception area and passed all the resus rooms to get into the main body of the hospital. It took forever as I was having almost constant contractions. We finally made delivery suite and I asked to use the midwife unit. I nearly had a breakdown when they told me it was closed as they didn’t have the staff. The perils of a September baby I guess!

I was taken to a room on delivery and told to make myself comfy(!) and a midwife would be back soon to check me and give pain relief. It took 45 minutes for a midwife to come back and I think I may have sworn when she finally arrived. I told her I thought I was pushing and was told that wasn’t possible as I hadn’t been in labour long enough!

Thankfully, the midwife disappeared to get me something to stop me pushing and in the time she was gone they managed to find me a midwife and trainee who were prepared to transfer me to the midwife unit. After much complaining about having to move, I did shuffle to the unit. It was so much nicer. Calm lighting, mats and balls everywhere and not a piece of medical equipment in sight. I got myself set up on all fours in a corner with some mats while the nurses got their coats off.

They checked me almost straight away and found it was 9.5cms which she could stretch to 10. I was ready to push and hadn’t been making it up! I did a small inner cheer as I was expecting them to say I was about 4cms and I was being a massive drama queen!

The midwives wanted 5 minutes to get ready then I started pushing. They left me to do exactly what my body wanted and didn’t interfere. I pushed for about 15 minutes before I knew the head was about to be born. The midwife gave me great instructions on when to push or pant to avoid too much damage.

A few minutes later and B was born and he was passed straight to me. I’m not sure how I managed to turn round with baby still attached to me but I did and we had lovely skin to skin. I immediately fell in love with this mucky and alien looking little boy. Daddy was the lucky person who got to cut the cord and somehow ended up looking like he had just undertaken major surgery!

Daddy had a quick cuddle and took B to be weighed. He weighed in at a massive 9lb 1.5oz (not a stitch to be had thankfully).

The midwives brought us in the magic tea and toast, which truly is the best ever. We sat chatting with them while they did their paperwork and discovered that this was the trainees first delivery. She was so excited and chuffed with herself. I didn’t have the heart to point out that I did all the hard work!

The midwives then left us alone while we got to know this little person and began calling our family. It was so lovely ringing our Mums and saying “good morning Nanna”. There was lots of tears of happiness that he had finally arrived. Also, lots of approval at our name choice. We have always been very keen not to share our name choices until baby is born. It saves too many people giving an opinion on your favourite name when it’s not their choice.

I was so pleased with how my birth went. I had brought this little person into the world safely and with no intervention. I would have done it all over again instantly.

An Unexpected Arrival – My Second Birth Story

An Unexpected Arrival – My Second Birth Story

November 2012

I had an amazing, if slightly unexpected second labour. My waters went on my due date as I opened the front door to some trick or treaters. They were probably just expecting some sweets but were confronted by a slightly shocked, heavily pregnant woman weeing herself!!

We packed B off to my parents and waited for my contractions to start. My waters went first in my last labour and contractions started about 4 hours later and that was pretty much what I expected this time.

Nothing happened and I got up the next morning feeling really upset knowing I’d have to be induced that evening. We spent the day just pottering around watching films while I bounced on my ball trying to get my contractions started. G fixed my laptop and early in the afternoon I decided to have a little nap to build up my energy for induction.

I woke up about 4.30 and went to the toilet. All of a sudden my contractions started coming really strong and every 3 minutes. We called the hospital as my first labour was relatively quick so I was advised to go to the hospital early this time. The hospital were really busy and held hubby on the phone for ages while they decided if they had room for me!

They finally gave us the go ahead to come in after questioning for ages if I really needed to go to hospital yet so, I started to get dressed to go. I had been a very classy, half undressed pregnant lady all day! I got one leg into my jeans and told hubby I had to push!

He rang delivery straight back and said we weren’t going to make it as I needed to push. The midwife didn’t believe him until she heard me having a contraction in the background! She immediately sent out a blue light ambulance who got to us within 15 minutes and a midwife who was about 10 minutes behind them. The paramedics gave me gas and air which I promptly broke within 20 seconds! They couldn’t do anything else and even asked hubby to check if he could see the head! They actually went and waited in our hall while hubby looked. When the midwife arrived she sauntered in as though she had all the time in the world. She had just enough time to get her gloves on before I yelled “ring of fire” and the whole of O popped out in one go!! The midwife had only just got on the floor to examine me and G said she only just saved O from dropping on the floor.

O arrived at 6pm, less than 90 minutes after my first contraction!! I think I’d been holding him in waiting for help to arrive. I’m sure G would have made a fantastic substitute midwife but I didn’t want him to have that responsibility in case something went wrong. Think everyone was a bit shocked how quickly it happened.

I had no intention of having a home birth but it was really lovely. The paramedics stayed for an hour and the midwife for 2 while she did her paperwork. Daddy had lovely cuddles while I had a bath and then the 3 of us snuggled down for a takeaway in our bed. A really lovely end.

A Twinnie Birth Story

A Twinnie Birth Story

It had been a very stressful few weeks with my body beginning to fail. I’ve had gestational diabetes, obstetric cholostasis, massive fluid retention and suspected pre-eclampsia but I am very proud to announce that my 2 beautiful baby girls arrived safely via a planned sunroof exit at 38 weeks and 4 days.

I have felt no end of guilt for the final few weeks as I’ve barely been able to move from the sofa. My two lovely boys have watched ridiculous amounts of television and entertained themselves beautifully and for that I am forever grateful. They have meant these last few stressful weeks passed as easily as possible. I’ve promised the boys that once Mummy was better she would try and be a proper Mummy again.

My plan was never to have a c-section but nature has a strange way of telling you to do something for the best. I was absolutely heartbroken when we went for our final scan and twin 1 was still flexed breech. I remember the snotty, sobbing mess I became in my consultants office. Not a good look! All along we had planned a breech delivery of both twins but now number 1 had her knees out, our plan went out the window. She was not budging!

I came home and got straight on Facebook to my Mummy friends looking for words of reassurance. They all spoke really positively about c-section and how I didn’t need to feel like a failure. It can still be special.

After my initial heartbreak at needing a c-section, I am pleased to report that I really enjoyed the experience. That sounds really strange as it’s such a major operation but, it’s true. My consultant could see how upset I was and planned to give me as natural section as possible. I had my husband with me the whole time which is a good job as I’m terrified of needles and was not looking forward to the spinal. He held my hand and tried his best to distract me while the job was done.

Twin 1 (also known as the problem child for being the cause of my c-section) arrived straight onto my chest where I got my first cuddle of her while they cut her cord. The plan had been to give me a few minutes with twin 1 before her sister made her big arrival but my placenta had other ideas. It started to come away so twin 1 was quickly passed to Dad before a second slimey baby was placed on my chest. At just 2 minutes apart and weighing 7lb 5oz and 7lb, my beautiful twins I and L had entered the world.

My twins never left my side and I’m over the moon about that. Since discovering we were expecting twins, my biggest fears had been premature arrival and stays on special care. I gave birth to 2 average size singleton babies, not the scrappy and fragile little twins I imagined. I am so grateful that my body did it’s job and cooked these twins for long enough.

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