Christening Fashion

Christening Fashion

My spotty little twin girls are being christened on Sunday. Both of my boys have been christened in my gown which is about 50 years old now and, started its life as my Aunts wedding dress.

Our original plan was to use my gown and try find the one my husband was christened in as well but, that appears to have been lost over the years.

It didn’t seem fair for one twin to have an antique and the other to have a new one so we have bought matching dresses for them to wear.

There are so many beautiful christening dresses available to buy ranging from pure silk creations in the hundreds of pounds to the cheaper supermarket versions.

We fell in love with a gorgeous long tiered dress from Next but it was unfortunately sold out in the girls size. I was a bit disappointed until I found this much nicer substitute.



This stunning dress is part of the F+F Signature range from Tesco and was the bargain price of £16. I completely fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

I’m going to pair it with this lovely light pink shrug from Mothercare to keep their chubby little arms warm and cream tights.


Really looking forward to the girls special day. Just got to find the perfect dress for me to wear now and cook a whole heap of food!

5 Great Things About My April

5 Great Things About My April

1. The girls Christening

We unfortunately had to postpone this in January due to a death in the family but the girls will finally get their Christening day this month. This month has worked out slightly better in a way as they are now being Christened by the same vicar that married us and Christened the boys.

2. Finding out which school B is going to

I have been stressing about this for months. We moved house at the end of 2013 to get into the catchment area of a great village school. It is always oversubscribed but I’m fairly confident we should get a place. I cannot wait for B to go to school. As a September baby, he is more than ready for school and I know he’ll love it.

3. Easter

The kids don’t tend to eat too many sweets and we only finished eating last year’s eggs in February! No doubt the same relatives who didn’t listen last year will fill the house with chocolate again! I will have that dreadful task of helping to eat the eggs. It’s always such a hardship!

4. My birthday

I am the big 3-0! Of course, when people ask my age, I will still respond with 21! I’m not looking forward to this birthday but who does! I wonder if hubby will remember! I’ve been dropping plenty of hints about what I want to do for my birthday. I went all out for his last year with a weekend away. He better remember that!

5. Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

I am going to brave it and take both boys to Thomas Land on my own. I thought I would give their parent and toddler days a try as neither of the boys are at school yet. Really looking forward to trying out Thomas Land and so are the boys. I wonder how I’ll get on taking them both on my own though!

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