30th Birthday Challenges – Gliding

30th Birthday Challenges – Gliding

If you read my previous post about doing some amazing daredevil stuff for my 30th birthday, you’ll know that I planned on going gliding.

Well, at the start of the month I did it and it was amazing! I went up in a vintage open cockpit glider and even had a little go of flying it myself.


Watch me being launched here.


Check me out looking like Biggles!

I absolutely loved every second of the flight. We were lucky enough to have good weather and managed to get a fairly long glide. I even got to glide over the top of my house!

It’s definitely made me realise I want to fly but that I don’t have the time to do it right now. I guess it’ll have to be another thing that I put on hold until the kids are older. Maybe one of them would want to learn with me!

So, one challenge down and one to go. I’m hoping I can do my wing walk before my next birthday. Just a small case of a little bit of weight still to lose.

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Setting Myself Some 30th Birthday Challenge

Setting Myself Some 30th Birthday Challenge

I’ve just turned 30 and apart from getting married and popping out 4 kids in quick succession, I’ve never really done much that’s terribly exciting in my life.

I’m a complete daredevil and very rarely get to challenge that side of me. I’ve always spoken about doing a bungee jump or a skydive but speaking about it is usually as far as it goes.

Today that stops. I’m setting myself 2 challenges for my 30th birthday year.

My first one should be relatively easy to achieve. We have a gliding club over the road from us and I really want to give it a go. They usually have a open day in September where they do trial flights and this year I am going to bite the bullet and go.


Ever since my Grandad used to take me to airshows as a child I’ve wanted to get my pilots licence. It’s one of my ‘things to do before you die’ items but it’s stupidly expensive! Trying out gliding would be a step in the right direction.

My second challenge requires a huge amount of hard work before I even qualify to do it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but it has a very strict weight limit so signing myself up to do it would be my reward for reaching my goal weight.

I want to do a wing walk. Yes, you did read that right! I want to stand on top of an aeroplane while it flies through the sky!


This has always appealed to me and my inner daredevil for some strange reason.

I need to lost 21lbs first though. I’m hoping having this as a reward for reaching my target weight will spur me on to lose it.

I will keep my blog updated with my progress on both my challenges. I’m hoping to have completed them both before my 31st birthday in April.

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