Love2read Photo Book

Love2read Photo Book

The youngest boy is now fast approaching his 3rd birthday and the search has begun for the elusive present that isn’t a toy!

Since his brother started school and begun learning to read, he’s become more and more interested in books and attempting to read them himself. This gave me a great idea for a birthday present.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Love2read, I was offered the opportunity to create him his first photo reading book.

Love2read create photobooks which aim to encourage a love of reading through photos of the world around your child. They use high frequency key words in the books that your child will recognise when they begin learning to read and personal photos to help recognise the words.

The process of creating the book was so simple. I chose my template then uploaded my mugshots! It was so easy that it could have taken me just 10 minutes to create a book. Instead it took my nearly 2 hours as I realised I don’t take nearly enough photos of my family!

We had a small delay with delivery but, I was sent a very lovely email explaining as such and telling me when to expect my book. I was again sent a great email when the book was dispatched so I knew exactly when to hover around the letterbox.

It arrived in a hardbacked envelope and was beautiful. I had a sneaky look as soon as it arrived as I was so excited!


We chose the ‘Our Family’ book so he had photos of people he sees frequently but, there are so many different titles to chose from. I also think that if you ask nicely, they’ll create a title just for you. The front cover has a preview of some of the photos in the book. Excuse the diamonds but I don’t put photos of my children’s faces on my blog.

The book is such good quality and printed on lovely thick card. Given it’s aimed at early readers, this should prevent any accidental rips when turning the pages.


Inside the book there is space for 10 photos with words underneath. The ‘I see’ is repeated on every page with a different family members mugshot!

On the final page of the book the key words are repeated several times to see if they can recognise and read them.


I am so impressed by these books and think O will be really impressed when he opens it on his birthday and sees all his favourite people. They are really good quality and I think they are a great idea for introducing children to reading using objects/places/people that they recognise. They are also a creative way of capturing memories for the future.

Books cost £14.99 plus p&p but the price per book drops if you buy multiples. With Christmas just around the corner these would make a fantastic gift for the smallest people in your life.

For more information and to order visit

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