A working Mum of 4 small children who has just returned after a year of maternity leave to a job in engineering.

My husband, G, and myself have known each other since we were 12 and been married for 5 years. We created B who is 4, O who is 2 plus twins I and L, who are now 1.

Originally from North London, we now all live in a big house on the outskirts of The Fens.

This is a mix of very personal pieces, product reviews, days out, crafty and cooking ideas plus the odd funny thrown in to lighten the mood.

Come and say hi. We love to meet new people.

Contact me: madmumof4@outlook.com

We’re also on Twitter and Instagram @4under4madness

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  1. As a dad of four with similar emergency room visits and such, I would like to say hi and I think we need a club for parents of four. You can be president for having twins. I wont have time to take an office or attend meetings but maybe a ceremonial *High Five* is all the club should be about.

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