A Week Of Chickenpox Crafts

A Week Of Chickenpox Crafts

Chickenpox has finally arrived. We’ve had a few brushes with infected children in the past and never been “lucky” enough to catch it! This time the biggest one has brought it into the house.

I always hoped we’d get it before the twins arrived so I wouldn’t have to deal with 4 infections at once but it looks like that is my destiny.

The boys just fancied colouring in today. Nothing too exciting as I think he was feeling pretty sorry for himself. I thought I’d join in with the activity too! It would be rude not to and I find it strangely therapeutic.


I bought some picture beads a few weeks ago as an emergency activity for a rainy day. Today was the rainy day. B loved this an spent well over an hour designing a star. O on the other hand just wanted to stick his clammy hand into the beads and spread them everywhere!



A seasonal activity today with the creation of chocolate easter nests. This didn’t go quite as planned and most of the Mini Eggs got consumed before they got onto the nests! Tears were shed.


A day off childcare for me – well, sort of. The boys normally go to nursery today then onto their grandparents for a few hours. No nursery this week for B but the grandparents still agreed to have him.

Craft of today was salt dough. We made hand and footprints that I can hang around the house and remember how small my children once were.
The boys loved this as it involved getting pretty messy and watching Mummy stress as little bit of dough end up everywhere!



I think we’ve managed to avoid too much boredom this week. Now is the countdown to see if the other 3 catch it and we have to get crafty again!

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0 thoughts on “A Week Of Chickenpox Crafts

  1. It’s not nice having a poorly child. We’ve just got over chicken pox, ear infection, tonsillitis, and measles, all in one go! Poorly boy just wanted to cuddle up and sleep for a week. Making up for it this week πŸ˜‰

  2. My daughter was home poorly for a week last week, so I know this feeling! I rolled out a new craft/activity each day, too. Fortunately, it was just her and her brother avoided it. Hope your kids are doing well, and you’re not going insane! x

  3. Aww lovely activities, hope he wasn’t too poorly with it! Difficult to know whether to hope the rest of the kiddies have caught it or not as it is better to get it than not… but timing isn’t always great! xx

  4. Shame they had chicken pox, but better to get it out the way. not sure why my 2 haven’t managed to catch it yet, they are often in contact with others just before they have it! Maybe I have noticed?! Anyway love all your crafts, the salt dough hand prints are fab and you’ve reminded me that I have some Hama beads to use as well! πŸ™‚ xx

    1. All 4 have had it now so that’s that done!
      Hope your 2 catch it before they get too big. The babies coped so much better with it than the bigger ones.
      Hama beads are great and I love playing with them as well x

  5. You’ve been very productive and creative. I hope your son feels better soon. My eldest 3 had chicken pox one after the other and it was a very long few weeks but the littlest is yet to get it. Good luck! x

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