An Unexpected Arrival – My Second Birth Story

An Unexpected Arrival – My Second Birth Story

November 2012

I had an amazing, if slightly unexpected second labour. My waters went on my due date as I opened the front door to some trick or treaters. They were probably just expecting some sweets but were confronted by a slightly shocked, heavily pregnant woman weeing herself!!

We packed B off to my parents and waited for my contractions to start. My waters went first in my last labour and contractions started about 4 hours later and that was pretty much what I expected this time.

Nothing happened and I got up the next morning feeling really upset knowing I’d have to be induced that evening. We spent the day just pottering around watching films while I bounced on my ball trying to get my contractions started. G fixed my laptop and early in the afternoon I decided to have a little nap to build up my energy for induction.

I woke up about 4.30 and went to the toilet. All of a sudden my contractions started coming really strong and every 3 minutes. We called the hospital as my first labour was relatively quick so I was advised to go to the hospital early this time. The hospital were really busy and held hubby on the phone for ages while they decided if they had room for me!

They finally gave us the go ahead to come in after questioning for ages if I really needed to go to hospital yet so, I started to get dressed to go. I had been a very classy, half undressed pregnant lady all day! I got one leg into my jeans and told hubby I had to push!

He rang delivery straight back and said we weren’t going to make it as I needed to push. The midwife didn’t believe him until she heard me having a contraction in the background! She immediately sent out a blue light ambulance who got to us within 15 minutes and a midwife who was about 10 minutes behind them. The paramedics gave me gas and air which I promptly broke within 20 seconds! They couldn’t do anything else and even asked hubby to check if he could see the head! They actually went and waited in our hall while hubby looked. When the midwife arrived she sauntered in as though she had all the time in the world. She had just enough time to get her gloves on before I yelled “ring of fire” and the whole of O popped out in one go!! The midwife had only just got on the floor to examine me and G said she only just saved O from dropping on the floor.

O arrived at 6pm, less than 90 minutes after my first contraction!! I think I’d been holding him in waiting for help to arrive. I’m sure G would have made a fantastic substitute midwife but I didn’t want him to have that responsibility in case something went wrong. Think everyone was a bit shocked how quickly it happened.

I had no intention of having a home birth but it was really lovely. The paramedics stayed for an hour and the midwife for 2 while she did her paperwork. Daddy had lovely cuddles while I had a bath and then the 3 of us snuggled down for a takeaway in our bed. A really lovely end.

My Week Ahead

My Week Ahead

Every Sunday is spent wracking my brains for ideas of how to keep my brood entertained for the next week. I have to find activities for Monday to Wednesday as Thursday and Friday are nursery days which is enough excitement for one day!

I would really love to get out a bit more but I’m still finding it quite difficult with 3 children that require a pushchair and 1 who doesn’t always listen to me! I’m hoping to be brave and get to the big park at least once a week when the weather improves but it’s currently more like a swimming pool!

This week we are spoilt for visitors. On Monday we have the childrens Uncles coming to play. As they live a little way away, we don’t get to see them a great deal so the kids get thoroughly spoilt! If I’m really lucky they may offer to take the boys out for a few hours so I get some quality girl time. I always feel so guilty that the girls get very little Mummy time. I’m very grateful for my Thursdays where it’s just me and them all day.

Tuesday we have a Home Start volunteer visit for 2 hours. Home Start are a fantastic charity who send out volunteers to help families in need. One of their criteria for ‘family in need’ is a multiple birth but they deal with all types of family. My wonderful volunteer Mary spends 2 hours a week entertaining my brood while I get some jobs done around the house. Without her help, we would all be wearing filthy clothes and my house would be an inch thick in dust! She really does save the day and I fully intend to become a volunteer myself once all of mine are in school. So many people have never heard of the charity but you can find out more at

Tuesday afternoons usually involves getting muddy in the back garden or the little park we have opposite our house. I’m thinking of buying some bulbs today and getting the boys to pot them on Tuesday. We attempted to grow some strawberry plants last year and they were doing really well until I got too heavily pregnant to get up and care for them (terrible I know).

That just leaves Wednesday. We tend to have a quieter day on Wednesday in preparation for 2 days of nursery. I bought lots of crafty bits before Christmas and the boys are now a bit obsessed with all this glitter and glue! It drives me absolutely round the bend with the mess they make but the look on their faces as they fling glitter everywhere is priceless (mine probably is too!).

A fairly busy week for us which makes a change. Hopefully lots of opportunities for fresh air and memory making. I may even be able to share some pictures later in the week!

Have a good week everyone!

The Birthday That Nobody Dare Speak Of

The Birthday That Nobody Dare Speak Of


I am now just weeks away from the first birthday that I feel I need to worry about! I will no longer be in my twenties and will be entering the dreaded thirties.  

I’ve always had a mental list of things I wanted to achieve by the time I turned 30. I wanted to:-
▶ have a decent job
▶ be married
▶ have a baby
▶ see a bit of the world
▶ lose weight

It all sounds a bit boring but I am quite simply a very family orientated person.
I’ve done pretty well I think and at 29 years 10 months I have:-
▶ a job. It had potential to be a decent job and one I worked hard to get. I’m proud that I’m a career Mum.
▶ got married. Ticked off my list at the grand old age of 24 when I married my childhood sweetheart (cheese alert!)
▶ had 4 beautiful children and completed my family. The grand plan was never 4 children but, Mother Nature decided to have a bit of fun with us!
▶ seen a small amount of the world but nowhere near enough. I’ve done the Caribbean, Florida, plenty of Europe and Indonesia. Babies curtailed further travels and I wouldn’t change it for the world!
▶ I have failed this many, many times. When I fell pregnant with the twins I was at the heaviest I have ever been. During my pregnancy I got gestational diabetes and it’s given me the wake up call I need to change my eating habits. I am currently at the lightest I have ever been all my adult life. I still have another 2 stone to go to be within a healthy BMI and I hoping 1 of those can be gone before my birthday.

As 30 looms nearer and I begin thinking of the lie I want to tell everyone when they ask how old I am, I’m also wondering where I want my life to go in the next 10 years. This part worries me more than anything – I don’t know! I had all these plans for my twenties and now my thirties seem pretty empty. If I want my thirties to be more exciting than doing the school run, the rounds of the after school clubs and birthday parties I’m going to need some help. I’m tempted by the idea of taking up running with the first challenge being a 5k. Not exactly exciting but anyone who knows me will know me and running are never usually seen together! I want something more exciting though. What exciting challenges can I set myself?

Comment below and help an old girl out please

Product Review – Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

Product Review – Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep


My Perfect Prep in prime position in my kitchen!

There is nothing more upsetting than listening to your baby scream for food while you desperately try to cool down a volcanic bottle of milk under the cold tap. Now multiply that by 2 and that was how I envisioned our first few weeks with the twins would go.
We had heard about this miracle product with our last baby but at the time it was brand new and very expensive. It also seemed like an unnecessary luxury when a flask of cooled boiled water had always sufficed.

With twins plus other small, attention seeking children in the house, anything that can save time while leaving you a spare hand is invaluable.

The Perfect Prep creates the ready to drink bottle of milk in under 2 minutes. Firstly, it gives you a shot of boiling water to sterilise the milk powder. Once you’ve added your powder, the machine tops up the bottle to your desired number of ounces with cold filtered water. You add the lid, give it a shake and voila, one perfect temperature bottle.

The Perfect Prep requires a filter which needs changing occasionally. The machine gives you a red light warning when the filter is running out, then a flashing red light when the filter is completely out so you don’t need to change it immediately the light comes on.


Perfect Prep Filter

Filters cost around £8 and can be purchased from most baby retailers. The packaging states it lasts up to 3 months. We are on filter 3 now after six months of use which I don’t think is too bad given the amount of bottles we make.

The only downside to this machine is the ear splitting beep the machine gives out several times during its cycle. I can understand the need to warn people that boiling water has been produced but, this product goes into houses with small children where, waking a sleeping baby is a deadly sin! Tone it down just a little bit please Tommee Tippee!

This is definitely the best baby purchase we have ever made and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other expectant parents for a single or multiple babies.

Retailer – Amazon
Price – £55
Purchased – June 2014

A Twinnie Birth Story

A Twinnie Birth Story

It had been a very stressful few weeks with my body beginning to fail. I’ve had gestational diabetes, obstetric cholostasis, massive fluid retention and suspected pre-eclampsia but I am very proud to announce that my 2 beautiful baby girls arrived safely via a planned sunroof exit at 38 weeks and 4 days.

I have felt no end of guilt for the final few weeks as I’ve barely been able to move from the sofa. My two lovely boys have watched ridiculous amounts of television and entertained themselves beautifully and for that I am forever grateful. They have meant these last few stressful weeks passed as easily as possible. I’ve promised the boys that once Mummy was better she would try and be a proper Mummy again.

My plan was never to have a c-section but nature has a strange way of telling you to do something for the best. I was absolutely heartbroken when we went for our final scan and twin 1 was still flexed breech. I remember the snotty, sobbing mess I became in my consultants office. Not a good look! All along we had planned a breech delivery of both twins but now number 1 had her knees out, our plan went out the window. She was not budging!

I came home and got straight on Facebook to my Mummy friends looking for words of reassurance. They all spoke really positively about c-section and how I didn’t need to feel like a failure. It can still be special.

After my initial heartbreak at needing a c-section, I am pleased to report that I really enjoyed the experience. That sounds really strange as it’s such a major operation but, it’s true. My consultant could see how upset I was and planned to give me as natural section as possible. I had my husband with me the whole time which is a good job as I’m terrified of needles and was not looking forward to the spinal. He held my hand and tried his best to distract me while the job was done.

Twin 1 (also known as the problem child for being the cause of my c-section) arrived straight onto my chest where I got my first cuddle of her while they cut her cord. The plan had been to give me a few minutes with twin 1 before her sister made her big arrival but my placenta had other ideas. It started to come away so twin 1 was quickly passed to Dad before a second slimey baby was placed on my chest. At just 2 minutes apart and weighing 7lb 5oz and 7lb, my beautiful twins I and L had entered the world.

My twins never left my side and I’m over the moon about that. Since discovering we were expecting twins, my biggest fears had been premature arrival and stays on special care. I gave birth to 2 average size singleton babies, not the scrappy and fragile little twins I imagined. I am so grateful that my body did it’s job and cooked these twins for long enough.

Binky Linky
Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies


Ta-dah! The boys successfully made a huge chocolate brownies cake for themselves to celebrate their sisters half birthday!

Recipe (serves 12)
4 large eggs
300g Nutella

Whisk eggs until they treble in size. Melt Nutella until runny then mix into eggs.
Bake at 180 for approximately 30 minutes.

Simple chocolate baking for kids and it tastes amazing. Plus, it’s only around 150 calories a piece!

Happy Half Birthday

Happy Half Birthday

Today the girls are 6 months old. How on earth did that happen so quickly? It only seems like yesterday that these 2 slimey and wrinkly babies were deposited on me and now they are twice the size and starting to get on the move.
These are definitely my last babies and I don’t want any more but, I still feel sad that I’ll never have those first magic cuddles and smell that newborn smell again. Let’s hope I get some nieces and nephews soon!!
So, to celebrate the girls half birthday, the boys have decided they want to do some baking. I have found a lovely 2 ingredient recipe for chocolate brownies that even the boys can’t mess up. I shall be back with the results later!

The Weaning Adventures

The Weaning Adventures

The girls have reached the ripe old age of 6 months so the job that I have been putting off for so long, must now be done!

Weaning 1 child was a doddle. A stressful, messy doddle at times but nothing that couldn’t be coped with! Two children at the same time just fills me with horror. Trails of food going in opposite directions, creating a larger area of destruction plus 2 bodies to get from kitchen to bathroom without dripping on the carpet. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it.